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 Mount Pearl's Galileo

  Male, Black, D.o.b: 14-12-2010

Height: 72 cm,  Weight: 60 kilo

HD-A, ED-0, Heart: Free with doppler, Cystenuria: Free, Eyes: ECVO-Clear

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Tonka is available for appropriate females!

Watch how I'll grow from day 1 up till now...


                                                               Together with mum Concetta                                           about 10 days old



                                                                     about 2 weeks old, I have eyes!!                            approximitly 4 weeks



                                                               What a handsome man, about 6 weeks old                       7/8 weeks old



                                                                Tonka 11 weeks old                                                            almost 12 weeks old



                                                                        What do I see?                                                                My first swimminglesson!


Naughty face..



                                                            12 weeks old                                                  my first stockfish, that tasted good!!!!



                                                                                    3,5 months,   wet head                                       Tonka loves his little pool!


Tonka, almost 4 months old, free stand.


My Little Big man


4 months old, trotting away on the moor.


Tonka, wet and tired from playing in his pool


Tonka playing chase with a Rodesian Ridgeback which was 8 months old.


Tonka has grown out of his little pool so I set up a bigger one......

I think he likes it :-)

4,5 months old.


Almost 5 months old.


Tonka on the moor, chewing a stick, 5 months old. (May '11)



Over 5,5 months old, freestack, just seeing a crow in the distance.


All wet after swimming in the pool.


Tonka 6 months old, just washed and dried before his first show.


Open Clubmatch Newfoundland Club, Belg´e.

Tonka Best Puppy in Show. (3 Juli 2011. 6,5 months old)



Tonka 7 months old, Juli 2011.



Almost 8 months old, after a walk in the forest.


Tonka 9,5 months old


10,5 months old


Tonka in the woods in Maarn, freestand 11,5 months old.


Tonka freestack, 13 months old, +-70cm high and about 50 kilo's.


Februari 2012, snowstatue


March '12 enjoying the Moor.


Almost 16 months old, april '12.


16,5 months old.


Tonka on the move in Assen at the clubmatch 6 mei '12.


Tonka 18 months old freestack.


Tonka 19 months old.


Tonka, almost 20 months old and still growing!



Aug. '12. The moor in full bloom.


I see, I see, what you don't see..

Oct. '12 almost 22 months old


Nov.'12, 23 months old, on a walk in the colorfull autumnforest.


Tonka 2 years old, dec. '12 in the morning sunrise and snow.


25 months old, Januari 2013.


February 2013, early morning on the moor.


April 2013, 2 years and 3 months old.


Tonka 2,5 years old, freestack in the forest. (May 2013)


Tonka had some fun on the Moor (2 years and 8 months old)

Early in the morning on the Moor, we had a nice walk in the sun,

but dark clouds were already gathering.... (August '13)


August '13.


In the early morning mist we went to

the moor. (sept. '13, 2 years + 9 months old)


Tonka 34 months old, october 2013.


January 2014, 3 years old, taking a nap.


July 2014, show Norderstedt 4 ZG.  (3,5 years old)


December 2014