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     Ocean Sun v. Nikita's Berenbrigade

    Female, Black, 18-12-2005 HD-A, ED-FREE, Cystenuria: FREE,

Heart: FREE, Height 70cm

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Whatch how I'll grow, from day one up till now....

                                     1 day old                one week old          2 weeks old            2.5 weeks old                         


                                               3 weeks old                         one month                    5 weeks old





                                                Gold Cup 2006 Nyborg          7 months old              

                                          Best Puppy on friday      Res. Best Puppy in GC Finale


                                      8 months old  Best Puppy and 7th Puppy in Group in Rotterdam



                                                                               O- litter 10 months old. Oct.'06

                                                              Onyx,Ocean & Olav

     Onyx, getting herself a dessert. febr. '07


     13.5 months

14 months old   

   freestack on the beach. Aug.'07

 20 months old,  Aug. '07.

Onyx in the eveningsun, may "08


June '08,  Onyx waiting for the ball..


made by MdZ

Onyx, Freestack,  3 years and 5 months old, mei '09


made by MdZ

mei '09 Onyx on the move..


snow, snow, snow, Onyx february 2010

freestack in the forest

4 years old, febr.2010


April 2010


Onyx enjoying herself at the Moor (april 2010)


On the beach, having fun! ( Aug '10)


Onyx chasing her toy in the snow. (Dec.'10)

Tired after playing (Dec.'10)


Onyx april 2011


Juni 2011, Onyx 5,5 jaar oud.


Februari '12, fun in the snow!


July '12, 6 years and 7 months old.



Onyx on the moor, august '12


In the white forest, january 2013, 7 years old.


Onyx almost 7,5 years old, april '13.


Juni '13, Onyx 7,5 years old.


Onyx, summer '13 (Aug.)


Onyx April '14, 8 years and 4 months old, enjoying her morning walk.