Olav  [Onyx]  Ocean                                       



From 8 weeks till now..


                                         Will I grow as big as uncle Nautic???


                                           I like my stockfish                            Ocean                                         



3 newfketeers, 3 months old


Olav 4 months                                       2 sisters


Ocean                                      Onyx


Olav's first swimminglesson                 Ocean in the bushes

Onyx in the summerflowers (may 06)

Ocean (june 06)

Ocean and her mother Noxy (sept 06)

O-puppies 10 months old

Olav 10 months

First birhtday Onyx,Ocean & Olav, in the Zoo

Olav 1 year old

Onyx 13 months old

  Ocean 13 months old

   Onyx in show

  Ocean 14 months

Onyx 16 months

  Ocean 17 months old



Olav 20 months


Onyx 20 months old


Olav fall '07


Ocean dec. '07


Olav 2,5 years old. June 2008



Olav April '09


Olav, holiday Italy Aug. 2010

After hard work it is good to relax!



Olav after his grooming, march 2011, 5,1/4 years.