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    O-puppies v. Nikita's Berenbrigade

mother: New Image v. Nikita's Berenbrigade (NOXY) HD:A, ED:1, Cystenuria:free

father: Théo New Black Bear Family's HD: A, ED: free, Cyst.:free, Hart: free

18 -12 -2005

[pedigree 0-Puppies]



                                                                                   (C) EVA       


18-12-2005 Noxy and Theo have become the proud parents of 4 black puppies!

  day 1  week 1  week 2  week 3  week 4  week 5  week 6  week 7  week 8
Ms. Yellow

Ocean Moon v. Nikita's Berenbrigade

 520 gr.  560 gr  1200 gr  1960 gr 2690 gr 4520 gr 5690 gr   8.5 kg  9.5 kg
Mr. Purple  590 gr.     X              
Mr. Lilac

Ocean Star v. Nikita's Berenbrigade

 480 gr  660 gr 1030 gr 1650 gr 2820 gr 4270 gr 4840 gr  7.0 kg  8.5 kg
Ms. Pink

Ocean Sun v. Nikita's Berenbrigade


 450 gr  540 gr 1020 gr 1710 gr 2980 gr 4500 gr 5350 gr  8.0 kg   9.0 kg


                                                                Noxy 28 months                   Théo and Noxy         Théo 2 years + 10 months


Ms Yellow                         Mr. Purple


Mr Lilac                         Ms Pink

Noxy and her just born kids

 week 1:

sadly enough, Mr. Purple didn't make it


Ms Yellow                    Ms Pink                         Mr Lilac

tiny head    big feet

3 wonderfull christmaspresents!

week 2:


little Ms Pink & Ms Yellow           Mr Lilac                 My little teddybear


Ms Pink: Look what I can do!         Thirsty little lady

week 3:

Little Ms. Pink                   Mr. Lilac                    Ms. Yellow


                                                                        sleepy head               sweet dreams              mirror image

week 4:

First time drinking milk from a plate

   Ms. Yellow                     Mr. Lilac                  Ms. Yellow


Pappa Theo & Little Ms. Pink             Pappa Theo & Ms. Yellow

week 5:


                                 Ms. Pink with milkmoustache             Mr. Lilac                       Playtime



                                                           Noxy playing with Mr. Lilac   Ms. Yellow kissing Noxy       Ms. Yellow

week 6:


                                   First time on the balcony         first time in the garden         Ms. Pink: I'm stuck.. 


                                                          Mr. Lilac: Look what I found!    Ms. Pink is tired      Noxy watches over Mr. Lilac


Totall loss after playing in the garden.... but after some sleep: where's our dinner??

week 7:

                                                           Ms. Pink with stockfish       Ms. Yellow with apple     Mr. Lilac enjoying his fish


first time on the street, Ms. Yellow takes off..               Noxy playing with her kids


Noxy & Mr. Lilac                            Ms. Pink is hungry...

Nautic and Mr. Lilac


Ms Yellow                            7 weeks old                       Mr. Lilac 

Little Ms. Pink


Ms. Yellow                      Mr. Lilac                    Ms. Pink

week 8:


Ms. Pink with toys                       Ms. Yellow K.O.


2 sisters chewing a bone                     Mr. Lilac & Ms. Yellow


Ms. Pink/ ONYX                                 Mr. Lilac/ OLAV

Ms. Yellow/OCEAN


Ocean                             Onyx                          Olav


Onyx                         Olav                     Ocean

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