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         Madison's Nikita v.d.Turfhoeve

    Female, Black, D.o.b: 14-02-1998 / 28-01-2010 , HD-D, ED-Vrij  Height: 69 cm.


                                 10 weeks old                                      about a year old                          18 months old


                                                                                                           4 years old                  6 years old


                             she still likes to swim                                                              6.5 years old


                       almost 7 years old                                almost 8 years old                                     


  Nikita 9 years and 3 months old, and still going strong

Nikita 10 years old!! She is a "Teenager" now.

Nikita in her summercoat, now 10 years and almost 3 months old.

Nikita 11 years old! Still going strong!


11 years and 2 months old. April '09


Nikita january 2010

Just the way she is......