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     New Admiral v. Nikita's Berenbrigade

  Male, Brown, D.o.b: 16-04-2003/19-12-1011

HD-A, ED-0,Heart-OK, Cystenuria: Free, Height 78cm

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                                                Watch how I'll grow, from day one up till now....


    1 day old                      one week old                       2 weeks old



 4 weeks old                        Sweet Dreams                      5 weeks old


                                               fully asleep                               5,5 weeks old                     7 weeks


     Funny face  




8 weeks old                                       full belly


                                                      first swimminglessons                           4 months  fuzzy furrball



                                                    little bear, 5 months          mmm, stockfish           5.5 months old


                                                                      6 months                          "official portret"


                                         almost 7 months                What do I see?    8.5 monhts My head is still changing.


                             10 months, what kinda stuff is this?           13 months old          14 months, all out of coat

   15 months, in the evening sun in Denmark



                                              almost 16 months                               almost 17 months old


                                                 17.5 months                                     18 monhts


                                             almost 20 months old                                  21 months

  22 months 

   In the eveningsun 2 years old    



                                                                                  2 years old  and still growing....                                               

         2.5 years, in the eveningsun


                                                                       29 months old  


                                                                          3 years and 3 months            


                                                      september '06                             December '06

                                                                    jan. '07 .Nautic's favorite hobby: hauling wooden logs


September '07 almost 4,5 years old.



Nautic, waiting for the ball...

June '08.  5 years old


December '08 in the forest in Emmen.


April '09 Nautic 6 years old


Oktober '09/ 6,5 years old


Nautic on the move in the fields, 7 years old

july 2010


Nautic 7,5 years old.

nov. 2010


Nautic proud with my glove (Dec.'10)


April 2011, almost 8 years old!