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                                                             Nautic and Noxy like to swim and retrieve things out of the water


                                                       moeder en dochter: Eline (7jr) en Noxy (13 mnd)


                                                                                             Nautic and Noxy 22 months old in the snow.                                      


                                                                                                             Nautic 28 months old


                                                            Noxy, Nautic & Popeye sept. 05


                                                                                                      Noxy had a party for herself...

                                                                                        A good example is easy to follow! Eline and Olav


                                                                               Ocean & Onyx all wet, 4,5 months old

                                                          Inie -Minie Zusje and Maxi -Mini Onyx  


                                                               Kody and Nautic July 2006


                                                                                  febr. '07. Onyx, full speed uphill


made by: JV

Eline mei '07


August '07.  3 generations: Onyx (20 months), Noxy (4 years) & Eline (10+ years)


Dec. '07 Onyx (2 years old) in her wintercoat together with her girlfriend Lona


Febr. '08  Noxy can fly                      Noxy at sea


April "08. Nautic 5 years old and his mother Eline 11 years old.


May "08. Noxy is towing the boat at waterworktraining


May '08.  Kody with a present for his girlfriends in the park :-)


Nikita almost 10,5 years old


Nautic 5 years old


Olav 2,5 years old, mischievous eyes



Full speed ahead,       Noxy, 5 years old.        Sweet expression


June '08. Nautic chasing the ball...

...he wants to catch the ball...... and ends up flying high


Onyx is having fun! june '08


above: mother Noxy, under: daughter Onyx

maart 09


Noxy & Nautic April 09,  6 years old.


Mei '09

Eline, Noxy, Nautic, Onyx and Nikita


Eline 12+ years old.


Noxy dissapearing in the sea....

and appearing again.

October '09


febr. '10    Onyx first time draft with a sleigh

Grandma Eline (almost 13 years) and her grandchild Onyx (4 years old)

"Do you wanna play??"

Noxy 6,5 years old, having fun with her ball in the snow.

Nautic enjoying snow in his own way



Uncle Nautic (7) with his niece Onyx (4), july 2010


Typically Dutch: Noxy and a watermill called:

Nieuwlandse Molen (Aug.2010)


Onyx on the beach: mirror-image

(aug. '10)


Brother and sister in de snow (dec. '10)


Nautic and Onyx having fun! (Dec. '10)


The whole Berenbrigade Crew, having fun in the pool! April 2011


Who will be stronger? Noxy or Tonka?


All family, Noxy , her brother Nautic and her daughter Onyx, april 2011


3 Newfketeers having fun! Onyx, Noxy and Tonka. (June '11)


Nautic or Tonka, who is gonna win?


Januari 2012, Tonka flying over the Moor.


Tonka enjoying the snowflakes, februari '12


Noxy is very fond of the sheep, april '12


Onyx enjoying her icecream on a hot summer day in May '12


July 2012

Onyx 6,5 years, Noxy 9 years and 3 months and Tonka 19 months old.


Tonka, happy running on the Moor, August '12.


Snowfun januari 2013.


Tonka and Onyx begging for some nuts ;-)


Tonka and Noxy on the snowy moor, febr. '13.


Tonka and Noxy in the early morning mist.


Noxy munching away on a stick. February '13.


Tonka having fun in the water. Mai '13.


Close up Onyx, August '13

Close up Tonka, August '13

Onyx having fun with her bal on the moor. Aug. '13

Tonka: I'm a Cool Dude!